Brilliant technique, excellent articulation and moving charisma.
(Der Bund)

A big and promising musical talent.
(Swiss Music Journal)

An extraordinary talent with accomplished technique and phrasing, fire and intensity, beautiful sound
and a radiant personality. A wonderful performance full of expression.
(Der Bund)

Technically superior, thrilling and delightful.
(Thun Daily)

The subtly differentiated forming of the main themes
was just splendid. [Dvorak Cello concerto] (Thüringer Allgemeine)

An extraordinary talent…combining the solid experience and composure of a soloist
with the youthful freshness and charisma of a young musician.
(Journal of Bern)

A performance of Tschaikowskis Rococo variations full of beauty,
nuance, poetry, virtuosity and charisma.
(Der Bund)

Outstanding skills, sensitive musicality and depth.
(Thun Daily)

A very accomplished and convincing performance of Dvoraks Cello concerto.
(Thüringer Zeitung)

A concert of international standard.
(Edessa Spring Music Festival News)