Conte Trio – Example 1:  Mendelssohn piano trio, op. 49

Conte Trio – Example 2:  Mendelssohn piano trio, op. 49

Conte Trio – Example 3:  Mendelssohn piano trio, op. 49


Concert teaser with clarinet trio music excerpts recorded live in a Zurich concert (Grandy, Di Casola, Graf).

Acoustic test in the former sewage treatment plant (now an art installation). Are dirty notes getting cleaner here? 🙂

Rehearsing Gabriel Fauré’s piano quartet for our concert at the Megaron Athens Concert Hall.

Live recording, concert at Grand Société de Berne, December 10, 2017

Trio Maare performing Robert Schumann’s “Bilder aus Osten” op. 66 (edited by Rudolf Palme).

Corelli, sonata da chiesa op.3 no. 2 (Bokany, Hürzeler, Graf), live recording at French Church, Bern 2015. Listen to whole sonata here

Not really a music video and from 2015, but still sums it up pretty well… I’m also a filmmaker. For more info check out